Why Live in the Rittenhouse?

A lovely place to go when in Philadelphia is indeed the Rittenhouse Square. A visit to this wonderful place will be incomplete without a stroll around its very charming sidewalks and shopping areas. This beautiful place is truly one of the best places to be in when in Philadelphia and as such it’s quite likely that you’ll have a hard time not coming back. In case you do make it to the Rittenhouse, you might even stay in it for a little while!

Another great place to be in is the Chinatown neighborhood of Philadelphia. Here you will find a very diverse population ranging from legal ones to some who are just passing by on their way to work or school. Some of the locals there can be found talking to you through their small, worn out English speakers which makes it a nice, unique experience. And if you’re a lover of the arts, then you’d really have got to check out the Philadelphia Museum of Art which can easily be found in the Rittenhouse area.

The Rittenhouse neighborhood is a great place to be, no matter what your age. It offers so much to see and do and so much history for you to explore. And it all has to do with being a rather quiet place to be, even though it’s a bustling neighborhood. So, whether you like to party until the early hours of the morning, hang around the corners at night or just take in the beautiful sights and sounds while you’re there, then the Rittenhouse will surely be able to fulfill your desires!