The Place by the Sea – Why It Is Such a Lovely Place?

Looking out to sea with a clear blue sky and an amazing view of sand on the horizon, a tourist must think, what a lovely place to visit, it has got to be a most beautiful place! It seems so very dreamy, and beautiful yet it is a place of dreams. I can see now why the words by Dr Seuss are “A book I once read which made me very sad, but which I still enjoy” That book in fact was the Cat in the Hat. Now then, it is not too late to change your outlook on life, and go for that lovely place that you once knew. The places everyone visits seem to get better with each passing year, so why not go and have a trip to some of those places, see what a lovely place they are, and remember how much they once seemed to make you feel. Don’t wait too long, maybe you will never look at a place the same way again, you will never remember a place as sweet and lovely again.

A lovely place by the sea, seagulls looking over the fleet, the smell of the sea coming in from the sea shore. She s even got those mixed emotions that chase her down she always wants her heart to be embraced in that warm sea. And there is the place by the sea, with the waves crashing, the smell of the sea coming in from the sea shore. There is the place by the sea, and that place is where my heart belongs. Where I belong.

Maybe, just maybe, it is time to take a trip and see these places, and to feel the fresh air and sea breeze. Have a great holiday! Oh, and one more thing. Please consider all this and think on it.