The Best Holiday Destination

As we all know that an average temperature is 23 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter and the same can be said for the tropical islands like Bora. So, if you are a foodie and like to spend some time in your room with your favorite food then Bora is the perfect holiday destination for you. While staying in a hotel you can sample the local foods and drink and also try out different varieties of seafood and other delicious dishes prepared by the locals. There is a wide variety of cuisines, from simple fresh fruits and vegetables cooked in coconut oil and spiced to very elaborate Samoan and Tahitian fusion food, served in clay pots or on wooden spits. Eating at a place where in the chef prepares the dishes in front of you will make you feel that you are eating in your own home country and the food is fresh and is great tasting.

For those who are planning to have an adventurous vacation and spend more time in the sandy beaches of Bora island then the island has an array of hiking trails that can be followed to enjoy the nature’s beauty. Hiking is one of the activities that can be enjoyed during the summer and for hikers it is a good way to burn off the extra calories and also get a healthy dose of exercise. It is important to note that before starting your trekking trip it is advisable to check in with the tourism operators and reserve a guide who can help to plan your journey. Also if you are not an experienced hiker then it is advisable to take along a friend who has an experience of hiking and can share all the dangers and pitfalls with you.

A typical meal while staying in Bora hotel includes a surf and sand snack packed with vegetables, meat and/or fruits. If you like to have some fresh seafood cooked in tropical style, then salsas, grilled chicken or fish would be the best option to satisfy your taste buds. When staying at a Bora hotel, try to sample the local dishes prepared by the local people and it will truly be one of the best holiday spots that you have ever been to. To enjoy the sandy beaches and scenic surroundings better, it is best to go hiking instead of opting for a swim in the swimming pool. The sun and sand along with the gentle breeze make it a perfect hiking destination and you will be able to enjoy the best holiday experience with friends and family.