Finding the Best Summer Holiday Destinations

When it comes to finding the best holiday destination for a newly wedded couple, often the options can be somewhat limitless. After all, there are thousands of different places and beaches to visit in the world and each holiday destination presents its own unique romantic atmosphere. However, sometimes one particular holiday spot can be just what you and your spouse want.

Holiday Destinations with an Old World Twist. Historically, the four most sought after destinations for newly weds are typically the U.S, Canada, Europe and Australia. However, recently, honeymooning has become more flexible and, often, is not dictated by a particular geography or country. In fact, some of the most popular European destinations include Spain’s beautiful Costa del Sol; Greece’s Lesbos Island; the Netherlands’ The Netherlands Antilles; France’s Mediterranean Coast and even, of course, Spain itself! With a more traditionalist type of holiday destination such as the U.S or Canada, the focus tends to be more on the beaches and touristy areas.

But where the focus changes and where you might find the best summer holiday destinations? For people looking for more of a different place to holiday, Spain can offer both a historical land of old architecture and a modernist culture all within a relatively short driving distance. Spain offers beaches that are perfect for the water lover and Spanish villas and resorts that offer all the modern comforts that would fit anyone’s lifestyle. Couples who enjoy the beauty of nature and the sounds of the ocean and the beaches will find the best summer holiday destinations here.