A Lovely Place by Jim Shore

This beautiful piece is inspired by the song Hotel California from The Eagles. Such a Lovely Place is a dramatic, dark show of contrasting colors and textures. There are darker nuances of color contrast with the careful carefree pinks, blues and whites contrasted with the ominous dark accents of black. I particularly like the dark spot under the man’s feet. It reminds me of the devil’s foot from the original painting by Anton van Gogh.

This is truly a magnificent painting and one that I would like to hang up on my wall as a piece of art. I love the way it makes me feel like I am traveling through a beautiful paradise just looking at this work of art. To me this painting evokes the famous album cover for the same album by The Eagles. Another great aspect about this painting is the symmetry of the different colors in the landscape that the Eagles were traveling through on their journey. Of course the symbolism is lost on us without the actual painting but the symmetry of the colors and the beauty of the landscape really does add to its beauty and poise.

Another lovely album cover which also comes from the Eagles’ career is entitled Hotel California. I think this particular painting is probably my favorite from all of them. Just having a good listen to this wonderful musical also helps me to relax and enjoy my favorite music. Music is therapy for me, the right music can help me to calm down in crazy situations and this is what The Eagles were able to do back in the seventies.