A Book Review of ‘Lovely Place’ by Laura Wharton

Lovely Place is more than an innocent, unfortunate couple who get away with their only son in this crazy town. They end up going to a lovely countryside which has everything that their only son dreams about and loves, only to discover that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. This is the story of two unlikely lovers who find themselves locked in a room together, for seven years. But will their friendship survive?

Laura Wharton does an amazing job of creating a likable, charming yet slightly odd couple. I adored Laura while reading this book and found myself enjoying the witty banter between the two, and identifying with them as parents. Laura is a mother who loves her son to death and has been through a lot, but she still cares deeply for him and does her best to make him happy and healthy. Just when you think the relationship between them may go sour, Laura and her son find themselves miraculously transported into a magical country where everything is rosy-and for Laura, it all starts with a book. It was so exciting to follow the main characters from wherever they were in life, to where they are now, to meet the other side of their story, and it made me laugh out loud several times as I read along.

The writing style is clear and easy to understand, with some interesting twists and turns throughout the book. Laura Wharton takes the reader on a journey with them, describing their experiences in a positive, optimistic yet not over-the-top way. I would recommend Lovely Place to anyone looking for a travel story with an added twist or two, a story that makes you stop and just let your mind wonder. If you have children, this is a perfect book for them to read with them, sharing the funny moments and beautiful places they discover along the way. If you have never read anything like this before, give it a try; you won’t be disappointed, and you might just find yourself falling in love all over again.